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Ghostly Slieve Gullion

Explore Slieve Gullion this Halloween and take a magical story trail. Visit the Hawthorne Suite and watch Hotel Transylvania.

With the season of Halloween creeping over the ancient hills of the Ring of Gullion once again, the creatures of Slieve Gullion are beginning to awaken from their slumber deep within the undergrowth to partake in the mischievous festivity!

For you see the inhabitants of the mountain have a name of their very own for Halloween…they call it Ghostly Gullion! It is a time where all things ghoulish and ghastly come to play. But this year is quite different. The fiendish Witch, Calliagh Berra has cursed the mountain awakening a wailing banshee known as the Weeping Maiden and together they plan to awaken the Willow Dragon from its slumber, which if it came to pass, would cause untold chaos and carnage.

The mountain is crawling with Calliagh Berra’s servants and underlings, so we ask you dear reader…do you have the gall to venture to Gullion on this most auspicious of nights? If so then pack your wits and all the courage you can muster, for you will need it!

Tour times:
Only a little scary (0 – 7 years): 12pm to 2pm
More scary (8+ years): 2pm – 4pm

Hotel Transylvania will be screening in the Hawthorne Suite from 12pm to 1.30pm. Tickets cost £5 per child, adults go free.

After your adventures why not warm up in Synge & Byrne and try some of their delicious autumn themed menu, laid on specially for Halloween. There will be a free cookie for event participants, with the purchase of any hot drink; while stocks last.

Please note: There is no pre-booking for this event. Face painting will also be available.

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