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Learn more about garden birds and barn owls

Join us to learn more about how you can get involved in carrying out surveys of garden birds and barn owls in the Ring of Gullion area.

Garden BirdWatch monitors the changing fortunes of birds and other garden wildlife. Observations collected by BTO Garden BirdWatchers are analysed by BTO researchers and published in leading journals.

BTO Garden BirdWatchers have charted the decline of the House Sparrow, the rise of the Woodpigeon, have discovered that urban birds get up later than their rural counterparts and have alerted conservationists to the impact of an emerging disease in Greenfinches. By getting involved, you can make BTO aware of trends happening in the Ring of Gullion area.

Many birdwatchers and householders already keep simple records of the birds that they see using their gardens throughout the year. The collection of such information is incredibly useful and, if carried out in a systematic manner, these weekly observations of birds (or indeed other garden wildlife) can prove very valuable for researchers.

BTO Garden BirdWatch enables you to collect this information in a standardised way alongside similar information from many thousands of other garden birdwatchers. In effect, you are a ‘citizen scientist’ working in partnership with BTO researchers to answer important questions about how, why and when birds use gardens and the resources they contain.

Barn Owl talk with Ulster Wildlife

Have you ever seen a wild barn owl or heard its screeching call?

Would you like to learn more about this illusive bird?

Would you like to find out how you can help halt the decline of this local priority species?

Ulster Wildlife, your local wildlife charity, is currently engaged in a 3 year Heritage Lottery funded project ‘Be there for Barn Owls’ and Catherine Fegan, the project officer, will be providing a talk for anyone interested in the barn owl and finding out how to get involved.

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