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Lúnasa Festival 2018 – Prehistoric Potters

Join artist, John Martin, for an exploration of Ireland's prehistoric pots and the stories they tell. Get an appreciation for this ancient art by handling replicas of pots found at prehistoric sides across the Ring of Gullion.

For more than 6000 years man has left evidence of his material culture in the landscape of the Ring of Gullion. The area is incredibly rich in prehistoric sites and monuments; at these sites we often find the fragments of pottery. Archaeologists can use pottery to estimate the age of prehistoric sites and, to some extent, chart cultural change over time; but there is more to a pot than that. Ancient pots combined functionality with beauty. Artist John Martin’s interest was sparked by a chance encounter with a Bronze Age pot from Rathlin Island. Since then he has been making replicas of pots from all over Ireland. In museums fragile ceramic artefacts are protected behind glass; as they must be. John believes that, by handling replica pots, people are encouraged to appreciate the form, function and aesthetic value of the originals.

At this talk and workshop you will get your hands on replicas of pots which have been found at the Ring of Gullion’s iconic prehistoric sites. You will be shown how these pots may have been constructed and decorated, using the techniques and tools available to Neolithic and Bronze Age potters.

Cost: £10, refreshments included.

For further information and booking: Contact Ann on +4478 1683 5147 or by email.

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