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Lúnasa Festival – Bunu Sound Installation (Slieve Gullion)

Slieve Gullion is renowned as an area of natural beauty, but what does it sound like? Over 6 months, we recorded the soundscape of the mountain: from foot to summit. Using surround recording techniques and a variety of microphones, we captured the sounds of the dawn chorus, forest winds, farm animals, streams, and sounds from within the mountain-top cairn and lake. In this way, we could explore unique sounds and spaces that make up the soundscape of the area.

Also recorded were ‘unheard’ sounds not audible to the human ear, such as atmospheric activity using a VLF antenna and underwater sounds with a hydrophone. The combined recording have resulted in a 60-minute surround-sound audio experience that takes you on a journey around Slieve Gullion and draws from the rich tapestry of its sonic environment.

Sound archive installation
Lúnasa Festival of Craft by ROGHA
Slieve Gullion Courtyard
31st July – 16th August
9am – 5pm

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Event has past.


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