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‘Mindfulness for Stress Management’ Course

Join meditation facilitator, Ann Ward, for this 6-week evening course in 'Mindfulness for Stress Management'. During the course you will learn the many benefits of mindfulness meditation and a range of techniques to help manage stress.

In our busy world it is easy to become stressed out, which can have impacts on all aspects of our lives from our health to our relationships. If you are feeling like you could do with a bit of help to manage your stress, or would like to get ahead of it before it becomes an issue, then why not join experienced meditation facilitator, Ann Ward, for her 6-week Monday evening ‘Mindfulness for Stress Management’ course.

Throughout the course, participants will learn about the many benefits of mindfulness meditation and a range of tools and techniques for coping with stress. For full information of what the course covers please read the attached overview file below.

The course will run every Monday evening for 6-weeks.

Cost: £65 (includes refreshment and course tool kit)

To book: Contact Ann Ward by email or by calling 078 1683 5147.

Facebook: Xhale

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