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Volunteer Opportunity – Cherry laurel clearance

Can you spare a few hours to help improve the biodiversity of Slieve Gullion Forest Park by helping to remove the invasive cherry laurel from around some of the central walks in the forest?

Regular visitors to Slieve Gullion Forest Park, may be well away of the thick growth of cherry laurel along the entrance drive way and along many of the central walking paths in the forest. We are looking for volunteers to spare a few hours helping us to clear some of the cherry laurel.

Clearing the cherry laurel will allow more light to reach the forest floor and will revive the forest floor flowers and plants that can’t survive in the thick shade created by the cherry laurel, it will also lighten up the entrance driveway and give visitors a better view of the surrounding countryside. When similar work was carried out at Ravensdale Forest, Co. Louth, the forest looked completely different by the second spring, where previously there had been dark bare soil under gloomy laurel there was a riot of colour from wild forest flowers.

Volunteers will be using hand tools and full training will be provided. We will only be tackling the bits of cherry laurel that we can safely manage, any larger bits will be left in place for a professional to deal with. You need to bring  weather appropriate clothing, sturdy footwear (hiking boots are ideal) and a packed lunch, though if you’d prefer a hot meal, Synge & Bryne cafe provide a varied menu.

Registration essential – When registering please specify which days you are attending:

February – 9th – Cancelled due to Storm Eric

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