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Winter Solstice Festival 2018 – Children’s Christmas Crafts for children 7+

Learn how to make beautiful Christmas Angels and stars from straw with Straw Craft Ireland, in this drop-in workshop, designed for children aged 7+. Once finished you'll have your very own traditional decoration to take home.

Kick off your Christmas preparations by learning to make beautiful Christmas Angels and stars from straw with Straw Craft Ireland. In this workshop you will be shown how to create straw craft decorations and given the skills to make them yourself, all while learning the history and traditions of straw craft in Ireland. Once finished, you’ll have a traditional Christmas decoration of your very own to take home and display for all your family and friends.

Straw Craft Ireland is based at the shores of Lough Neagh in North Armagh; an area steeped in the history of traditional Irish crafts. They provide beautifully intricate items woven in straw in a traditional and uniquely Irish plaiting method as well as promoting the continuance of ancient traditional Ulster and Irish crafts, customs and culture, click here for further details of their work .

This drop in workshop is designed for children aged 7+, all children should be accompanied by an adult.

This is a FREE activity.

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