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Xhale ‘Living Mindfully to Reduce Stress’ Retreat

As part of National Stress Awareness Day, why not join Xhale teacher, Ann Ward, for a nurturing day of guided meditation. The retreat will teach you a range of techniques which you can use to mindfully reduce and manage stress in your life.

Xhale and de-stress with a nurturing day of relaxation in the magical Ring of Gullion.

Ann will introduce you to the powerful relationship between meditation and stress management and the many benefits of the practice to holistic health and wellbeing.

You will learn how to identify the signs, symptoms and effects of stress and how you can manage your time more mindfully to live a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.

Ann will guide you through a number of mindfulness techniques on how to help anchor yourself in the present moment e.g. breathing exercises, body scan and use of your senses; mantras and objects; eating and walking meditation practice.  You will learn how to use the meditation tools of visualisation and affirmations in goal setting to assist with focus, clarity and in supporting stress management.

After a contemplative lunch, Ann will share useful nutritional tips which can help reduce stress.

The day will include a guided walk where you can explore the magic of the forest while deepening your awareness of living life in the present moment.

Retreat Dates: Wednesday 4th Nov and Saturday 7th Nov

Cost: £60 (includes: uplifting fruit tea & orange and white chocolate scone on arrival; 2 course lunch – nurturing winter stew, lemon drizzle cake & calming mint tea)

To book your place please contact Ann on [email protected] or 07816835147.

Click here to visit the Xhale website or Facebook page.


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