Hedge Renovation & Coppicing Training

A small band of keen learners joined us on a cold March day for a introductory training in Hedge Renovation and Coppicing.  Due to it being early in the bird nesting season we were careful to do our demonstration of hedge laying and coppicing on unoccupied trees.

We began with a very comprehensive tool safety talk, covering all the tools you could possibly need for hedge laying or coppicing.  The morning was then spent discussing the best way to rejuvenate old gappy hedges which had seen better days as well as a small demonstration in hedge laying technique.  Hedge laying is a useful way of rejuvenating hedges, filling gaps and turning a hedge into a very effective living fence.  The afternoon was spent learning about forest management and how to correctly coppice a tree and sort the resulting material into piles for different uses.  We now have plenty of stakes for our full hedge laying course in the autumn.