3rd November 2016

Budding Arborists

The pupils in the new Gardening Club at St. Mary’s Primary School, Mullaghbane, are finding their green fingers as they help out in our tree nursery, which conveniently backs onto their school grounds.  The pupils have been busy getting their hands dirty squeezing the seeds out of hawthorn, blackthorn and elder berries, before planting them in trays.  They have also been helping to test the fertility of acorns, by dropping them in a bucket of water, the ones which sank were then planted and the ones which floated were left out as a snack for wildlife.

In return, project staff will be helping the club with their own gardening endeavours in the tree nursery poly-tunnel and school grounds.  In the spring we will be planting a range of vegetables, including potatoes and peas in the poly-tunnel and hopefully wildflowers around the school grounds.  Throughout the year the Gardening Club will also be helping look after the trees in the nursery, as they grow throughout the spring and summer terms.

If you’d like to help in the tree nursery on Tuesday morning’s please get in touch with our Volunteer & Outreach Officer for more details.  Alison can be contacted on 028 3084 8594 or [email protected].


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