4th March 2019

Can you help us record spring flowering plants?

Calling all plant recorders, National Biodiversity Data Centre are delighted to be running their spring flowering plants project again this year .

This is a joint project with the BSBI aimed at improving our knowledge of 14 of our most common and easily recognisable spring flowers. Last year they received a total of 2,380 records of these species.

All records have been added to Biodiversity Maps and also made available to the BSBI for their next Atlas. If you see any of these 14 species please submit the record here.

1. Bluebell

2. Common Dog-violet

3. Cowslip

4. Early Dog-violet

5. Early-purple Orchid

6. Lady’s smock (Cuckooflower)

7. Lesser Celandine

8. Lords-and Ladies

9. Primrose

10. Toothwort

11. Wild Garlic

12. Winter Heliotrope

13. Wood Anemone

14. Wood Sorrel

The focus is on these 14 species to encourage everyone to get involved.



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