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Celebrate Lúnasa at Lisleitrim Fort

A beautiful walk to one of the most perfect * forts in the country, Lisleitrim Fort in Cullyhanna is a seldom-visited site with three ramparts separated by deep ditches and a level platform with a centre ring which will be the focus of this event. Join in a lovely evening of music and stories of the Iron Age. Come revel in the harvest and its ancient and new traditions, and bring your Lúnasa offering of Blaeberries to share.

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* John Donaldson historian 1838

Come Join local historian Úna Walsh to celebrate the Celtic festival of Lúnasa through music and stories of the Iron Age.

This is the first quarter-year celebration on the beautiful Lisleitrim Fort. Lúnasa is named after the God Lugh, and is the beginning of the Harvest Festival. Everyone welcome

The exact google maps location is here

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