Seasonal Resources

Whatever the time of year, there is a beauty to the countryside – be it buds unfurling in spring, late summer sunsets, colourful autumn leaves or crisp winter mornings.

Here you can learn about the different wildlife to be seen in each season and activities to help you make the most of the outdoors, all 12 months of the year

Seasons – Activity Sheets

Worksheets for all kinds of activities; colouring, cutting out, making bookmarks – you can even make writing paper so you can tell all your friends what you’re up to this season!

Explore Seasons – Wildlife Watch

Do you know what a budburst is? Or which bird carries its chicks on its back? What about the difference between a male and a female holly tree? Learn lots of facts about the plants and animals you can find in each of the seasons

Fruit Treasure Hunt – Commonwealth Orchard

Fun with fruit in autumn! There’s so much you can do – have a fruit hunt, search for trees in the wild to pick from, even planting your own trees.

Biodiversity in Schools

Footprint tunnels, bird feeders – even a christmas tree… activities to help kids discover which birds and animals visit their garden or school grounds, and find out how to help the bees that live there.

Species of the Month – Irish Wildlife Trust

Did you know there are more than 4,000 different plant species in Ireland, and 50 different species of mammal? Each month the Trust posts a Species of the Month on its Facebook page – will you be able to spot them in your area?

Senses of Spring – RSPB

Smelling flowers, singing like a bird, feeling the roughness of bark… use all your senses to experience Spring in the outdoors.

Bug of the Month – Buglife

Want to know where to find a White-faced Darter Dragonfly? Or how the Peacock Spider got its name? Facts and figures for all kinds of invertebrates here, plus learn about the Bug of the Month!

Nature Detectives

Discover exciting adventures for each new season! Become a Nature Detective to get weekly challenges to complete and record, and to find out about local activities. Fun for kids right through from baby to 6+