Species in Gullion

The Ring of Gullion is home to an array of species; large and small, rare and common, cute and slimy…!

These guides will help you identify a few of the animals to be found there, whether in the sky, on the land or in the water – and some are easier than others to spot

Identify Otters – Wildlife Trusts

Get all the facts you need to be able to spot this excellent swimmer.

Identify Pine Martens – Wildlife Trusts

A mammal that looks like it’s wearing a yellow bib, see if you can find this animal in the wild. Look up, as it is great at climbing trees.

Identify Red Deer – The Mammal Society

The largest of all the animals you can spot on Slieve Gullion, you might catch sight of an adult male – with his impressive antlers.

Identify Amphibians – Opal Explore Nature

What lives by the pond? Learn to tell the difference between the different amphibians you could find while dipping with your net.

Identify Buzzards – RSPB

Did you know that the call of a buzzard sounds like a cat mewing? Use this and other information to spot this beautiful bird of prey.

Identify Ravens (and other crows) – RSPB

There are eight different crow species in the country – can you tell them apart? Learn about plumage, different calls and behaviour – and which crow has red legs!

Identify Trees – Opal Explore Nature

The species found on Slieve Gullion include Oak, Ash, Beech and Rowan. This printable guide uses leaf shapes and other details to help you identify them.

Flora and Fauna – Gap o’ the North

Did you know a plant from North Africa can be found on Slieve Gullion? The informative site can help you identify this and other plants found on the slopes, and tell you exactly where to find them.