Teaching Resources

Getting pupils out of the classroom and into the great outdoors is an excellent way to enhance their learning, either on school grounds or in local green spaces.

From identifying wildlife to growing their own plants, even making their school a haven for threatened species, there’s something here to get them inspired. Find ideas and resources to make the most of the experience and to support it in the classroom

The Building of our Place

For teachers by teachers.

A built heritage guide book designed for Primary School teachers, covering the built heritage of the Ring of Gullion and surrounding area from the Stone Age through to Victorian Period.

Topics covered includes: What we built, how we lived and what we mad

Red Squirrels

This text is designed to help teachers bring home the message on nature conservation at a local level. The red squirrel is probably the most high profile under threat mammal species in the UK and ROI. It’s story encompasses a number of themes which are common across conservation.

Earth Science Lessons

CCEA has endorsed this resource which was supported and developed by Earth Science Ireland through its educational committee Earth Science Outreach.

The resource complements the Northern Ireland Curriculum and provides information and ideas to bring Earth Science to the classroom in practical and relevant ways for pupils in Key Stage 2.

The learning activities within the materials support the development of the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities as well as opportunities to develop the cross-curricular skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT.

My Townland Story

The Ring of Gullion Partnership developed the ‘My Townland Story’ teaching resource. Teachers can work through the entire booklet or just take a few activities and work at their own pace. The Landscape Partnership are offering school visits in 2016 and 2017.

How your school can get involved

Information from the Woodland Trust on ways to help your pupils learn more about trees and about their importance in nature. Get free saplings to plant at your school!

Teaching Resources – RSPB

Booklets, worksheets and lesson plans to use both inside and outside the classroom, helping your pupils discover more about birds. Or bring your class to a nature reserve, for a memorable learning experience

Lesson Plans – Biodiversity in Schools

Footprint tunnels, bird feeders – even a christmas tree… activities to help pupils find out which birds and animals visit your school grounds. And find out how to help bees on your school grounds.

Working With Birds Around Your School – Birdwatch Ireland

Lots of activities to help pupils spot the birds around their school, both by sight and by their song. Plus: build nesting boxes, learn what they like to eat, even get help to build a hide in your classroom!

Campaign for School Gardening – RHS

Register for resources and support to help your pupils maintain a sustainable garden, enriching curriculum areas such as science, maths and geography. They can even grow seeds that came from the Space Station!

The Great Plant Hunt – Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Lessons and activities targeted to each year of primary school, exploring Darwin’s work through studying plants. Find out how taking your pupils on a Thinking Walk will help develop their knowledge and experience of plants.