Families and Kids

It’s the weekend, but that’s no excuse for the kids to be stuck indoors.

Get out and about… They can join clubs run by the RSPB, Woodland Trust and others, to get regular challenges and activities to complete. Or just head out on your own and have fun in local green spaces

Wildlife Watch Activities

If you care about nature and love wildlife, Wildlife Watch is the club for you! Explore your local wild places, get involved in hundreds of events and activities and make new friends.

Nature Detectives

Discover exciting adventures for each new season! Become a Nature Detective to get weekly challenges to complete and record, and to find out about local activities. Fun for kids right through from baby to 6+


Ever wanted to design your own bird? With this and other games to play, answers to all your questions about birds and competitions to enter, the RSPB is the place to be if you love all things winged.

British Wildlife – Activity Sheets

Got a child who loves colouring, puzzles, craft… and animals? This is the place for them!

Wildlife Watch

As a member of Wildlife Watch, your child can take the My Wild Challenge each month to discover how they can make a difference to wildlife. Find Indoor and outdoor activities for kids, plus information on animals, plants and their habitats.

Fifty things to do before you’re 11 and three quarters

How many can you do? Sign up to discover the 50 things you just have to do before you’re eleven and 3/4. Earn rewards as you do them, and special certificates for the really difficult ones!

The Wild Network

The Wild Network is on a mission to get kids out there. There’s all kind of Wild Times to be had out there, no matter how much time you have – from minutes to hours and days.

Organise a Tree Planting Day

Organising a planting event? Get lots of tips and advice on how to make it a success, so that on the day it’s as easy as One, Two…Tree!

Make a 3D model of Slieve Gullion

The beautiful mountain of Slieve Gullion formed from cooling magma 58 million years ago – make your very own 3D model, using contour maps to guide you.