Encourage Local Wildlife

With the effect humans have on the local environment, habitats are being lost all the time, leaving many species with no natural home.

Wherever you live, you can help wildlife to survive and thrive. Whether you have a large garden for a pond, or simply a window sill for a box – you can do your bit for the animals who most need our help

Froglife – Wildlife Gardening

Find out all the ways you can encourage amphibians and reptiles to live in your garden – from rockeries to mini ponds, even something as simple as a roof tile!

The Conservation Volunteers of Northern Ireland

There are lots of habitats that can act as havens for wildlife. Here’s a guide to how best you can help preserve butterflies, bees, birds… and more.

How to make a community meadow

Why not get friends and neighbours involved and make some space for wildlife in your area? This handy set of factsheets will tell you everything you need to know.

Problem Wildlife

Pesticides don’t just kill wildlife you don’t want, they kill others, too. Find out how to control pests without reaching for weedkillers and insect sprays – including how eggshells and beer can come in handy.

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

Bees are probably the most valuable insects of all, helping us grow more fruit and vegetables. Get involved with the Pollinator Plan – a scheme to help save our buzzy friends.

No Garden? No Problem!

No outdoor space? You can still do your bit and make a haven for wildlife, using trellis, a roof – even making bat boxes!