Landscape and Heritage

The Ring of Gullion Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a unique geological landform, unparalleled elsewhere in Ireland or the UK and was the first ring dyke in the world to be geologically mapped.

About Our AONB – Ring of Gullion

Welcome to the Ring of Gullion Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), a place where our daily lives are intertwined with the richness of nature and a deep cultural heritage. Situated in south Armagh, our AONB is not just a landscape; it’s a reflection of who we are and the stories that have shaped our community.

The Natural World

In the Ring of Gullion, our connection to the natural world is a part of our everyday existence. Explore the rolling hills, verdant valleys, and meandering rivers that define our home. This is more than just scenery; it’s the backdrop to our lives, a sanctuary for local wildlife, and the source of the tranquility we cherish.

Our Geology and Landscape

Delve into the geological wonders that underpin the landscape we call home. From the unique rock formations to the hills that have stood the test of time, our AONB tells a geological story that echoes through the ages. Understanding our geological heritage is not just about rocks; it’s about understanding the very foundations of our community. The Ring of Gullion is a core part of the Mourne Gullion Strangford Geopark.

Our Built Environment

Our villages and structures tell tales of generations past. From ancient landmarks to the homes we live in today, the built environment of the Ring of Gullion is a testament to the resilience and craftsmanship of our community. Explore the familiar architecture that gives our towns and villages their distinctive character.

Our Culture

In the Ring of Gullion, culture is not an exhibit; it’s a living, breathing part of our daily lives. Engage with the local events, traditions, and the warmth of our community. Our AONB is a stage where our cultural heritage comes alive, and every resident is a custodian of the stories, customs, and identity that make us who we are.