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Winter Solstice Festival – Stars In Your Eyes

Weather permitting, join us for a stargazing evening; looking through telescopes to learn about the constellations of our winter sky and the significance of the winter solstice.

If the weather is not suitable for stargazing at the real stars, join us in the warmth of the Hawthorn Suite for "Light Fantastic" - an evening of learning about the secret life of light as well as a virtual stargazing tour of the night sky.

The winter solstice is when the northern hemisphere of the Earth reaches the point of maximum tilt away from the Sun, this causes us to have our shortest day and therefore longest night.  When is a better time to learn about the stars in the sky?

If the weather is good, wrap up warm and  join the N. Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society for an evening of stargazing.  There will be the opportunity to look through telescopes, learn about the constellations in the sky and hear some of the stories about the characters they represent.  You are also most welcome to warm up in the Hawthorn suite where there will be “Light Fantastic” and some hot drinks to help you warm up.

“Light Fantastic” is a your opportunity to learn about the amazing qualities of light and have some fun experimenting with it, as well as making shadow portraits and puppets.

If the weather is not suitable for gazing at the real stars there will be virtual stargazing inside the Hawthorn suite, alongside “Light Fantastic”.

Please check back here or on our Facebook page the day of the event for any key updates.

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