Showcasing Gullion’s Heritage 2015

In partnership with the Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership the Ring of Gullion Traditional Arts Partnership (TAP) took part in a Women in Unison concert at St Ethelburga’s Reconciliation and Peace Centre in London. TAP, which now has approximately 120 young people attending classes, supports and encourages young musicians to take part in cross community events.

There were a series of impromptu performances of Irish traditional music by the teenagers from TAP including on the London Tube, Big Ben, the top deck of a bus and Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square!

This project aims to enable young musicians to visit other music groups in order to; develop their repertoire of tunes from different areas; be exposed to a variety of musical styles so as to enhance the development of their own musical style; meet and forge relationships with other young musicians; experience and foster respect for music from the other traditions and cultures of Northern Ireland as well as other cultures from different countries and equip them with the skills and personal capabilities to deal with the challenges of living in an increasingly diverse and complex society.