Volunteers tidying Jonesborough Church of Ireland graveyard

When the Jonesborough Church of Ireland Lynn & Lanyon building was sold into private ownership, the attached graveyard fell into something of a no-man’s land with regards to it’s upkeep.  The graveyard has been in use since the 1800s and is home to some of the area’s more notorious Lord’s and Lady’s who helped shape the area’s history, in their day.

Volunteers have been working hard this winter to clear the excess vegetation from around the site.  When they started you could only make out a couple of graves, we have now finished the main vegetation and have uncovered over twenty sizeable grave stones.  The main vegetation clearance took 74 volunteer hours, spread over 3 days.

Over the summer months we’ll chip the cut wood and endeavour to improve the ground cover, replacing the brambles and nettles with grass and wildflowers.  We’ll also clean up the newly uncovered graves.

You can see how much the graveyard has changed in the images.