16th April 2018

Camp Gullion first international summer camp to come to South Armagh

Running from the 2nd to the 12th July 2018 (inclusive), Camp Gullion will bring fifty primary and first-year secondary school children from Barcelona to the Mullaghbane area where, with fifty local children of the same age, they will participate in a two-week language exchange programme.

The camp is based between Tí Chulainn and the new Blue Bell Lane Glamping Centre, Tullymacreeve, Mullaghbane, where the Catalan children will stay. Activities will take place in Mullaghbane village and the wider Ring of Gullion area. The goal of the camp is to provide a safe, secure environment for all the children to learn from each other, including each other’s languages, and to showcase the local culture, history, traditions, sports, music and dance to an international audience.

The local children will be proud ambassadors of the area as they interact with the Catalan children, sending them back to Barcelona with new friendships and with a vision of South Armagh as vibrant, dynamic and deeply proud of its history.

Camp Gullion invites all children from the South Armagh area (aged 10-13) to be part of this innovative experience. Local children will be able to teach the visitors English while learning Spanish and Catalan from native speakers, all without having to leave home! For more information on how to sign up to join the camp, please email Ryan Hamill on [email protected] and visit the website on


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