1st August 2012


Finally all has been revealed; following the bizarre footprints in the pavement, the bones discovered at Slieve Gullion, the large egg at Grounded Espresso Bar and the frequent dragon sightings…Sticky Fingers have announced that there is to be a Dragon Safari at Slieve Gullion on 3rd-5th August 2pm-5pm.

It all came to light this week when a real dragon was caught walking down the Hill Street area of the City. He appeared to come from the William Street direction when he was spotted walking past some of the local shops. Regardless of the press coverage of the various sightings, passers-by were stunned when they initially saw him, due to the reputation of the species, however this is contrary to what actually happened. Deputy Lord Mayor, P.J. Mc Donald was in the area and was one of the first witnesses to see the animal, “I couldn’t believe what I saw when I was on my way to a meeting, only I saw the footprint at Slieve Gullion a few weeks ago I would definitely be doubting my eyesight! And with people approaching him, he appeared very friendly indeed.”

With the recent dragon goings-on, residents of the local area have been unsure as to why they have arrived in Newry and the surrounding area, however, a Volunteer with the children’s charity, Sticky Fingers, Margaret may have the answer, “When I saw the dragon on Hill Street, I just had to approach it, the recent sightings have prompted the kids at our Summer Camps to draw their own ideas and I wanted an answer for once and for all.”

Upon reaching the animal, Margaret noted that he appeared to be lost on his way to an event. She continues, “He was looking around and when I came up to him I could see that he had something in his claw when I looked closer I could see it was a poster for the Dragon Safari that we are hosting on the 3rd-5th August so I pointed him in the direction of Slieve Gullion.” However this may have already been predicted by Councillor Colman Burns who was with Mr Mc Donald at the time, he says, “When I saw all these dragon sightings I thought there must be a reason for them and I’m relieved to find out it’s an exciting day out for the family.”

This latest incident appears to conclude why the dragons have been in the area over the last few weeks and with the Dragon Safari event going ahead on 3-5th August, it may be another 5000 years before we see them. Therefore if you would like to see a large variety of dragons, Sticky Fingers are hosting a Dragon Safari on 3rd-5th August at Slieve Gullion. Contact the Ministry of Alternative Detectives on 028 3025 7885 if you too have seen the dragon and are looking forward to the event.


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