27th May 2014

Where’s the Bell?

This blog follows Sharon Oddie Brown as she learns about the story behind a particular silver bowl – a story about how a dozen or so young men, sons of Irish tenant farmers, ended up shaping international banking in the Far East in the late 1800s.

One of Sharons quests, on this particular part of her trip to Ireland trip, was to photograph the bell that had been in the clock that Sir Thomas Jackson had donated to Crossmaglen in 1903.This didn’t seem to be terribly complicated, at least when compared to much of what she usually does. In 1989, the bell had been set up in a special display case in the Community Centre as a gesture, one of many, to help heal the rifts that had played out so harshly in Crossmaglen during The Troubles. When Sharon first arrived in Crossmaglen, it didn’t occur to her that there might not be a Community Centre, at least not when she was visiting.

You can read the first part of Sharon’s story by clicking here and the second part by clicking here.


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