1st October 2015

Who goes there? Wildlife Tracks and Trails

“What’s about in the Wild” is the name of a new programme of events and training being offered this autumn and winter by the Ring of Gullion Landscape Partnership Scheme, part funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Department of Social Development Areas at Risk programme.

The next event in the programme, which will run from now to December will be “Who goes there? Wildlife tracks and Trails” from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday 7th October, meeting in the Hawthorn Suite of the slieve Gullion Courtyard.

Participants will join in a guided walk around the forest and mountain slopes learning how to look for evidence of animals passing and using the environment. They will also be taught techniques for preserving this evidence, such as making casts and hair traps. Many mammals are secretive and shy or are simply awake and active when we are sleeping in our beds, but they leave clear evidence of their passing and if you know what to look for you can find you are sharing your area with a variety of wildlife.

“Our district is full of hidden wildlife, this is a great chance for people to get out and discover it” said Councillor Naomi Baillie, Chairperson of Newry, Mourne and Down District Council.

From paw-prints to nibbled fir cones and from den holes to fur stuck on barbed wire, the evidence is there, if you know where and how to look for it. Participants at this event will also be learning how to record the wildlife in their area using simple smartphone apps and on-line systems.

This event is being run in partnership with the Conservation Volunteers and our expert guide will be Karl Hamilton from Ecomantella environmental education. Karl’s passion for wildlife of all kinds is only paralleled by his warm and inclusive teaching style which will enable those taking part to gain personal confidence in searching for wildlife by observing the calling cards they leave behind.

To book a FREE place on the “Who goes There” or to find out about the other ” What’s about in the Wild” events go to and click on events.


to listen to recent radio interview on Q100.5 FM click on this link

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